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Information Technology Unit

El-Hanan Ventures Limited is one of the prime Information Technology Solutions Companies in Nigeria. Since our setting up as a subsidiary of the El-hanan Group, running into a decade, we have grown from a small organization to a company providing enterprise ICT services to mid range and large scale companies across Nigeria. Our business model has and continues to be to partner the best global ICT brands thereby delivering the best solutions to our clients.  Our partnerships, combined with our quest for innovative solutions and passion to deliver an exceptional customer experience, have been rewarding and have earned us an enormous amount of goodwill despite the highly competitive terrain of our business environment. 

Working closely with our global partners which include; Hewlett Packard, Inmersat, SAP, Simba Technologies, Eastern Software Systems, we continue to deliver customize solutions to our mounting Clientele.

Our Vision

To develop a company that will occupy the world of technology through the development of products and the provision of services that will have a positive impact on the way businesses operate.


To provide information technology products and services that are comparable with the best obtainable anywhere in the world thereby giving our customers the best value for their money.

The Unit’s mission statement is “To build value for our clients, employees, shareholders, strategic partners and vendors by positioning ourselves as a leader in information technology services”.


El-Hanan Ventures Ltd. (IT Unit) has its’ strength lies in the ability to build long lasting two way relationships which are mutually beneficial and that the services that it can offer will assist any company in its deployment and utilisation of IT solutions.

We aim to assist and make a positive contribution to the management and deployment of IT in a business and to ensure that IT staff can concentrate on supporting the business with the ability to utilise the experience and service of Nouveau and when required to assist with IT matters.

By utilising the experience within El-Hanan, you immediately gain the expertise of a complete purely IT focused company working with you. Because of the breadth of experience and our constant need to keep abreast with technological advancements within the IT arena, we are in the perfect position to give unbiased advice. In effect you are benefiting directly from El-Hanan’s IT expertise and resources rather than employing more staff and managers where you would still have the responsibility of directing and managing.


Data Center

The constant development and widespread adoption of information technologies, along with rapid growth in Internet services, have increased enterprise information exponentially. As the core of data processing, data centers must be built and expanded to meet exploding data processing requirements.

Playing an important role in enterprise data center facilities design, El-Hanan Ventures Ltd. (IT Unit)i has launched the Data Center Facilities Design Service to provide customers with value-added services. The service covers the entire data center design process, including High Level Design (HLD) and Low Level Design (LLD). The Data Center Facilities Design Service plays a significant role in mining market opportunities, grasping customer requirements, and promoting sales of El-Hanan Ventures Ltd. (IT Unit)i’s network energy product solutions. It helps El-Hanan Ventures Ltd. (IT Unit)i win amongst fierce market competition, improves enterprise business service capabilities, and strengthens customer relationships.

Web Development

Our Custom web applications are built according to client’s requirements and comprises of advanced web and enterprise portals, professional websites combining appealing design, rich functionality and robust management tools. They are built using the full potential of the latest technologies, combined with task-oriented workflows and web 2.0 accessibility standards.

Our expert team has taken part in dozens of application development projects. We are experienced in developing advanced systems with complex business logic dealing with large amounts of data and transactions. We are able to supply you with an innovative, trustworthy software solution to complement your most complicated business ideas.

Our e-Solutions Development expertise span the following areas critical to Corporate Businesses:

  • Custom Portal Development: Custom application development tailored to the client’s specific requirements. We deliver rich internet applications combining our solid cross-domain experience, technological expertise and an established development methodology. e-Business Solutions Development: Browser-based applications that enable activities connecting business processes within the organization, unifies access to data and integrates applications to provide real-time, current and consistent Information Management.
  • Tele / Video Conferencing Solutions: an interactive telecommunication system which allows two or more persons in different locations to interact through two-way video and audio transmission.
  • Virtual Library Information System (VLIMS): Web-based digital library application that incorporates the functions of digital assets and documents management system. It facilitates information retrieval and knowledge discovery by providing comprehensive full-text search and semantic analysis. It can also be used by library staff to manage the library resources and for members to book and borrow library materials (books and electronic media – CDs/DVDs).
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI): This is the use of software and computer systems architectural principles to integrate a set of Computer Applications. It is a process of linking Enterprise Applications (such as CRM, ERP, HRM, BI, etc) within a single organization

Establishment of Software Development Centre

El-Hanan Ventures Ltd. (IT Unit) as an ICT Capacity Building company has taken it upon itself to bring ICT Services including Training, Internet access, E-Testing, Digital Library Resources e.t.c to Nigerians. This it has done by setting up ICT Capacity Building Parks all over the country, with the sole aim of demystifying the use of Computers and Computer driven technology to Nigerians especially tertiary institution students, who are the leaders of tomorrow.

Our ICT Parks boast of state of the art equipments, technologies and manpower delivered with the American standard.

Equipments / Facilites available at our ICT parks include:

  • Over 400 Workstations and up to 10 Servers, Routers and Switches.
  • State of the art training classrooms / labs, well furnished with Projectors and high performance Personal Computers.
  • A Digital Library with over 500,000 Digital Resources for self-paced e-Learning.
  • Wifi / Wireless Internet Services
  • Broadband Internet access using VSAT or Fibre Optics.
  • Prometric / VUE Certification Exam Testing Services.

Currently we are establishing a software Development center in Gidan Ado Bayero ICT Park, Northwest University Kano.


Our ICT and other Training programmes are renowned nationwide for the high quality of its education and training courses. Many of our clients took their first computer training course with us at introductory and beginner level and have progressed with us to advanced and expert levels.

Our impressive customer base and high customer satisfaction ratings are a result of our total commitment to quality and value. For those people who don’t have much time and prefer to work on their own, we can now offer online computer training programmes to suit the varied individual customer time structure.

We offer:

  • Fully certified courses
  • Professional and dedicated trainers
  • A friendly and enjoyable learning environment
  • Quality courseware and notes
  • Training needs analysis
  • A comprehensive range of courses in applications and web design
  • A range of course timeline to suit all requirements
  • One-on-One computer training
  • In-House / Customer Location Training

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Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs
 IT/Telecoms Infrastructural Development at Skill Acquisition Centre Otueke, Bayelsa

National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA)
Software Development Centre -Kano

Federal Medical Centre (Asaba) – Establishment of Fibre Optics Network Backbone