El-hanan Ventures limited, being the best Nigerian services and Procurement Company with an uncompromised quality for goods and services. Human Resources Management and Development is a core issue and is hinged on professionalism and productivity. High premium is placed on our most valued assets, the men and women who have made El-hanan Ventures Limited grow from modest beginning into a premier company over the years.

Our Human Capital base is made up of people from diverse professional, ethnic, racial and cultural backgrounds that have passion for excellence, exhibit high level of business ethics, are performance driven, result oriented, ambitious, team players and conform to the company’s standards and core values. Our world is truly one of distinction and diversity of products, customers, professions, ethnicity, gender and religions.

In El-hanan, we understand and partner with employees individually and collectively to support them in meeting their unique aspirations and needs by training, developing, motivating, and providing professionally challenging jobs to help them attain self discovery whilst contributing to the achievement of our Corporate objectives.


We believe in team work, we work with the best hands in our diverse field of operation.